The Creative Force Of The Universe

When you avail yourself of the creative force of the universe, you can solve any problem, step out of any dilemma, and resolve any conflict. The creative force is invincible. It can easily cut through any Gordian knot. What is infuriating and baffling to the mind, it considers child’s play.
They are many levels this creative force works on. It can be an insight that arises from the depths of consciousness in the middle of the night. It can be a law of attraction practice such as visualization, affirmation, or creating a vision board that results in serendipidity or synchronicity. It can be a heart-felt prayer.
Ultimately, this creative force is consciousness itself, also known as super consciousness, quantum consciousness, the Self, the Atman, or God.
When we call upon this creative force, we realize the presence of an unsullied and pure consciousness within us that is omnipotent. It has not been affected in the least by all the peregrinations of your life. It is undismayed by the consistency of your errors. It stands ever willing to help you. It is the epitome of love and consideration. Your limitations are not its limitations. Your imaging of what is possible are not its shortcomings.
In any situation you find yourself in, it is possible to avail yourself of this force. Once you do, you have to let go of how your solution will manifest. Clinging to an outcome, clinging to your imagined sense of control, will prevent it from acting as surely as a dam wall can hold back the mighty power of a huge lake. The solution, when it comes, is always a surprise, and, ironically, it shows up in a very natural and easy way.
The creative force of the universe is the spiritual power within and around us. How we address it is a matter of personal preference. Our mentations about it are not important.
What is important is that we ask for what we want rather than suppress it.
Therefore, choosing to align with the creative force is also choosing to align with the spiritual path.
Those who align with the spiritual part are of four types:
Those who are ill in mind or body. They have tried all the conventional cures and nothing works. If they ask, they will receive.
Those who have a social problem. They are in the wrong relationship, keeping company with those who bring out their worst, or they are unable to earn enough money to meet all their needs. The spiritual path works well for those seeking to improve the quality of their lives.
Those who understand that the spiritual path is of supreme value. They seek deeper understanding of their own real nature and seek to be in tune with the highest level of consciousness. Those who seek, will find.
Finally, there are those who have discovered that they are more than their personalities, and more than their minds and bodies. They are in a state of awareness of their real nature as unlimited consciousness. They do not seek the spiritual path, or ask anything more of life. They epitomize spiritual wisdom. Spirit is their reality.
If you visualize and affirm, you will manifest what you desire. If you pray, your prayers will be answered. However you address the creative force of the universe, it will respond to you. However you comprehend the creative force of the universe, it will reveal itself more to you. When you open yourself up to it, it will guide you; it will be your friend, your ally, your protector, and your supporter. All you have to do is ask and be open to receive and everything in your life will fall perfectly into place.

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